About Not Quite Right in the Head
Not Quite Right in the Head is a Social Networking platform. We are dedicated to creating a positive environment without many limits. Our promise is to try out best to not sensor content, but we rely on you to create an environment which remains a positive space for all.

Not Quite Right in the Head

This website was born out of a need for a social media platform which does not censor content. What first started out as a small group of individuals sharing Meme's and funny content quickly grew. As we progressed it became obvious that most existing social media platforms are too politically correct to allow all our content.

We still objey the rules of law, and of common sense. No hate groups. No polotical groups. Use common sense when there is material that youger viewers should not see. Create private areas that make it safe for younger eyes.

This group was founded with the premise that we should all be responsible enough for our actions to do the right thing. Obviously if there are disputes, we will handle those individually. But as a general rule, we will try our best not to censor your content as long as you use the practice of common sense to ensure the content does not violate the terms of ours site.

Not Quite Right in the Head is the premise that we are all just a little different in our thinking. And we who are a bit crazy, are the new normal. We are are full of nuts!